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Brodzinski Rocks is a group of 9 standing rocks shaped like towers, mushrooms, and pulpits. The largest of the hoodoos called the Great Rock is 10 meters tall and 16 meters long. Located on the top of the hill, it resembles a wide tower. Its walls are very steep – almost vertical, or overhanging. Only the east side has gentle steps which allow volunteers to climb up to its literally flat top. Here on the stone, that does not seem to be the proper environment for plants, grow young pines and birches. Top of the rock is covered with numerous inscriptions engraved by amateur "artists".

The formation of Brodzinski Rocks began 65 million years ago. They started to get their actual shape several hundred thousand years ago. An ice age had the greatest influence on their formation, especially the last glaciation.

Just west of the Great Rock and below it are 3 5-meter-tall mushroom stones. Between them are window rocks formed through the process of erosion which eventually created "windows" through the sedimentary rocks. Next to the Great Rock is a board with detailed information on rocks composition and geological processes that underlie their formation. Approximately 200 meters to the east is another group of slightly less impressive hoodoos.

Rocks were named after Casimir Brodzinski, a poet, historian, translator and professor of the Warsaw University. He often visited the site to seek inspiration for his poems.

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